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2017-09-29 国家自然科学基金委员会


序号 科学部编号 项目名称 依托单位 申请人
1 1171101045 Emergent complexity in the collective motion of simple, self-propelled agents 北京计算科学研究中心 Kyle John Welch
2 1171101073 Strong gravity Lense-Thirring effect at the inner edge of accretion disc and QPOs 北京大学 Chandrachur Chakraborty
3 1171101079 Energy transfer and quantum tunneling through a system of coupled microwave cavities 华中科技大学 Fazal Badshah
4 1171101080 Theory of spin transport through quantum conductors coupled to microwave cavities 清华大学 Mircea Teodor Trif
5 1171101083 Synthesis, characterization and application of large-scale novel spinterfaces encapsulated inside carbon nanotubes 四川大学 Filippo Boi
6 1171101085 Determinantal properties of the sums of structured matrices 上海大学 Volha Y. Kushel
7 1171101089 Computational characterization of graphene oxide for field effect transistor nanosensors 盐城工学院 Kumneger Tadele Gemechu
8 1171101091 Localization and Diffusion in Open Chaotic Systems 江苏大学 Domenico Lippolis
9 1171101092 R&D on micromegas readout technologies for the PandaX-III experiment 上海交通大学 Javier Alberto Galan Lacarra
10 1171101094 The Star-Formation Weighted Metallicity Distribution of the Universe - A Resolved Census 北京大学 John F. Graham
11 1171101095 Searching for the signatures of cosmic reionization on the 21-cm N-point correlation functions 清华大学 Kai Delf Hoffmann
12 1171101096 Spintronics in Graphene Heterostructures 上海纽约大学 John Alexander Mortimer Crosse
13 1171101097 Manipulating and probing topological properties of quantum matter 清华大学 LIH KING LIM
14 1171101101 Investigation of solar noise storms and radio bursts using high resolution and high dynamic range imaging of the Sun 中国科学院国家天文台 SUSANTA KUMAR BISOI
15 1171101103 Development of gas tight RPC detector with eco friendly gas for Particle Physics experiments 清华大学 Gouzevitch Maxime
16 1171101105 Particle acceleration by plasmoid instability in the reconnecting current sheets of solar flare 山东大学 Mahboub Hosseinpour
17 1171101108 Non-uniform coding into random streams with zero redundancy 中国科学院软件研究所 Georgios Barmpalias
18 1171101109 Digital generation, propagation and analysis of generic correlation structures of light field 华侨大学 Rakesh Kumar Singh
19 1171101112 Fast Solvers for Advection-Diffusion: Sparse Grids and Adaptive Time-Stepping 北京计算科学研究中心 Stephen Russell
20 1171101118 Magnetic phases and superradiant-like dynamics of nuclear spins in a quantum dot 北京计算科学研究中心 Stefano Chesi
22 1171101121 Multiphase flow in porous media: a new computational approach 北京计算科学研究中心 Santanu Sinha
23 1171101123 Theoretical Study of Interfacial Magnetism and Transport of Metals and Insulators 北京计算科学研究中心 Tirthankar Dutta
24 2171101083 Uncovering microglial function in supraspinal brain regions by chemogenetics DREADDs : implications for the sensory and affective components of neuropathic pain 中国科学院长春应用化学研究所 Peter Grace
25 2171101085 Switching on electrocatalytic activity of titanate electrode toward efficient CO2 electrolysis 中国科学院福建物质结构研究所 Jaeha Myung
26 2171101086 Elucidation of the biosynthetic pathway for spirobisnaphthalene 北京大学 Ittipon Siridechakorn
27 2171101088 Metabolic engineering of yeast strains to produce and secret advanced biofuels 上海交通大学 Mehmood Aamer Muhammad
28 2171101092 Low-temperature selective catalytic reduction of NO with CO over copper-based catalysts supported on carbon nanotubes 清华大学 ZAHRA GHOLAMI
29 2171101093 The Mechanism and Selectivity of CO Reduction, an Electrochemical in situ Infrared and Mass Spectroscopic Study 中国科学技术大学 Matthew Mc Cullough Sartin
30 2171101095 Unifying the fields of molecular recognition and Fenton-like catalysis for the removal of chlorobenzene in wastewater by MxFe2O4@Beta-CD 山东大学 Vinothkumar Natarajan
31 2171101096 Refining multireference electronic structure approaches to the UV photodynamics of biochromophores 上海纽约大学 William James Glover
32 2171101099 Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering for Examining In-Vivo Pharmacokinetics: A Facile High-Throughput Method towards Discovering Optimal Characteristics of Intravenously Administered Nanoparticles 南京大学 Lucas Lane
33 2171101100 Investigation into Graphene enabled three-dimensional Lithium-Sulfur batteries for enhanced power and capacity 西交利物浦大学 Li Yang
34 2171101102 Active materials and interfaces for stable perovskite solar cells 福州大学 Antonio Abate
35 2171101104 Tailoring polymer microstructure in a continuous process for step-growth polymerization 复旦大学 Erlita Mastan
36 2171101107 Metal Catalyzed Cascade Reactions of Alkynes for the Synthesis of Various Functionalized Heterocycles 山东大学 NULIGONDA THIRUPATHI
38 2171101127 An investigation into predictive modelling of the impact of air pollution on China’s disease burden 宁波诺丁汉大学 Jie Yang
39 2171101141 Innovative osmium redox polymers and single-walled carbon nanohorns modified enzyme electrodes for biosensor and biofuel cell applications 中国科学院长春应用化学研究所 MUHAMMAD NADEEM ZAFAR
40 2171101145 Organometallic Nanoclusters for Sustainable Electrochemical Applications from First Principles 中国科学院长春应用化学研究所 Andre Clayborne
41 2171101146 Point-of-use sensing system for on-site real time performance enhancing drug detection 北京科技大学 Michael Joseph Serpe
42 2171101147 Nanostructured Pd/Perovskite Catalysts for the Electro-oxidation of Biorenewable Glycerol 中国科学院青岛生物能源与过程研究所 Anna Zalineeva
43 2171101157 Nano-antennas for rare earth inorgaic scintillators 中国科学院长春应用化学研究所 Alexandre Merlen
44 3171101036 Studying gene regulation responses to coaggregation between oral bacteria using RNA-Seq and bioinformatics approaches 西交利物浦大学 Siew Woh Choo
45 3171101051 High-throughput Biochip for Characterization of Microalgae Culture Conditions 南方科技大学 Jaewon Park
46 3171101059 Quantitative Analysis of Urea/Glucose in Healthy and Sick Peoples (Urine and Blood) Using Chitosan and Magnetic Nanoparticles for Biosensing Applications 中国科学院宁波材料技术与工程研究所 Muhammad Fakhar-e-Alam
47 3171101061 Biocontrol of F. graminearum infection & mycotoxins production in maize by using Trichoderma: a vital research for future food safety in China 上海交通大学 SARAVANAKUMAR KANDASAMY
48 3171101062 Mechanism of Growth-Suppression Effects of Metformin in Pancreatic Cancer 杭州市肿瘤医院 Sofia Gkountela
49 3171101065 HIV-1 cell-to-cell transfer in macrophages and dendritic cells in human mucosal tissue explants 广州医科大学 Anastasia Lanzi
50 3171101068 Fusion and Comparison of Sensor and Spectroscopic Analysis in identification of Floral Origin and Determination of Health Properties in Honey 江苏大学 Haroon Elrasheid Osman Jebreel Tahir
51 3171101069 Understanding temperature stress and its genetic mechanisms 北京交通大学 Luiz Fernando Brito
52 3171101074 Heroin abuse accelerates biological aging 昆明医科大学 Joseph Hargan-Calvopiña
53 3171101076 Stress and its Impact on Decision-Making 上海纽约大学 Evgeniya Lukinova
54 3171101080 Elucidating the role of Piriformospora indica L. in mitigating Cd stress along with Zn application in Rice 浙江大学 Imran Haider Shamsi
55 3171101085 Transgenerational effects and epigenetic implications of maternal and paternal hypozincemia on cardiometabolic health in mice 郑州大学 Mustapha Umar Imam
56 3171101088 Near-Infrared Quantum Dot/Drug Formulation Against Porcine Epidomic Diarrhea Virus Infection 华中农业大学 MOHAMED FRAHAT FODA ALI FODA
57 3171101093 Molecular engineering the new generation of glyphosate degradation gene 华中农业大学 Bandikari Ramesh
58 3171101103 Carbon stock and sequestration in pine woodlands of Yunnan: effect of woody cover 中国科学院西双版纳热带植物园 Ravi Kant Chaturvedi
59 3171101105 The role of plant architecture in structuring tree distributions across Yunnan biomes 中国科学院西双版纳热带植物园 Tristan Raphael Charles-Dominique
60 3171101106 The evolution and ecological significance of spinescence in plants 中国科学院西双版纳热带植物园 Uriel Jesus Govinda Gelin
61 3171101108 The mechanism of carbon dioxide sequestration and mitigation of greenhouse gases emission during the pig and poultry manure composting employing developed potential carbon sequestration ‘biocatalyst integrated biochar' 西北农林科技大学 Mukesh Kumar Awasthi
62 3171101111 Molecular characterization of Soil Organic Matter Decomposition and Potential response to Climate Change in Four different types of Forests in South-West China: Chemical Vs Biological signatures 中国科学院西双版纳热带植物园 D BALASUBRAMANIAN
63 3171101115 Fungal Expression of Antimicrobial Peptides Derived from Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Fish By-products: The Possible Application in Food Industry 浙江海洋大学 SHAIMAA REDA ABDELKHALIK HATAB
64 3171101116 Role of placenta in susceptibility to arbovirus infection in utero and in feto-neonatal pathologies 中国科学院上海巴斯德研究所 Solene Grayo
65 3171101122 Effect of Selenium on proteomics profile of Hippocampus in Alzheimer’s disease induced mice 深圳大学 Javed Iqbal
67 3171101127 Physiology and metabolism of alkane degradation by entomopathogenic fungi 华南农业大学 Shaukat Ali
68 3171101129 Taxonomy and molecular phylogeny of the genera Tricholomopsis and Tricholoma from southern China 广东省微生物研究所 Md. Iqbal Hosen
69 3171101131 Biogeographic History of Typhonium (Araceae) 中国科学院西双版纳热带植物园 Shook Ling Low
70 3171101137 Taxonomy, phylogeny, screening medicinal compounds and domestication of new Ganoderma in Greater Mekong Sub-region 中国科学院昆明植物研究所 Samantha Chandranath Karunarathna
71 3171101148 Acinetobacter baumannii persister cells: molecular mechanisms related to antibiotic tolerance 中国科学院微生物研究所 RASHAD ABDULKARIM ALKASIR
72 3171101151 A genome-wide scan for signatures of selection in Nigerian indigenous and commercial pig breeds 中国科学院昆明动物研究所 Adeniyi Charles Adeola
73 4171101048 Evolution of an isolated CME: Its internal state and energetics 中国科学技术大学 Wageesh Mishra
74 4171101066 Geochemical and mineralogical signatures of sandstone-type uranium deposits in NE China 东华理工大学 CHRISTOPHE BONNETTI
75 4171101067 Multiple generations of granulites and migmatites in the western section of the Qinling Orogen: Boundary conditions permitting their formation, preservation, and exhumation 北京大学 Thomas Bader
76 4171101069 Pacific Ocean as the key pacemaker for East Asian monsoon and climate during warming hiatus period 中国科学院大气物理研究所 Nath Debashis
77 4171101070 Enzymatic and genetic mechanisms of soil N2O reduction in response to pH manipulation 华中农业大学 Muhammad Shaaban
78 4171101080 Influence of the dawn-dusk interplanetary magnetic field on the magnetotail: Tail twisting and its effects on plasma transport 山东大学 Timo Markus Pitkänen
79 4171101088 Quantifying the past millennium terrestrial temperature change in southeastern China 中国科学院南京地理与湖泊研究所 Jie Chang
80 4171101094 The Evolution of Solid Organic Material in the Early Solar System 中国科学院地质与地球物理研究所 HITESH CHANGELA
81 4171101095 Fundamental for enhancing denitrification using a novel in situ membrane biofilm reactor (isMBfR) from non-point source wastewater 中国科学院南京土壤研究所 Raj Eldon Rene
82 4171101096 Identifying the source, formation mechanism and health effect of Reactive Oxygen Species in Xi’an, China 中国科学院地球环境研究所 Imad El Haddad
83 5171101146 Development and Characterization of Methanol-Foamed Asphalt Binders and Mixtures through Multiphase Assessment 长安大学 Mohd Rosli Mohd Hasan
84 5171101162 Very High Cycle Fatigue Characteristics of Additive Manufactured Nickel Based Super Alloys 成都大学 Muhammad KASHIF KHAN
85 5171101182 Novel Sensing Media enabled by Ferromagnetic Microwires for Remote Imaging of Stress Distribution and Damage in Human Hip joints 浙江大学 Diana Santacruz Estevez
86 5171101190 A New Ranking System for Selection of Raw Material Sources for Production of Eco-Cement Using Alternative Fuels in China 哈尔滨工程大学 Ali Jamshidi
87 5171101193 Nonthombogenic Polyampholyte Polymers as a Novel Drug Eluting Stent Coating 浙江大学 Matthew Bernards
88 5171101195 Fundamental study on the growth of carbon nanomaterials from the vapor evolving from the pyrolysis of sewage sludge 华中科技大学 Syed Shatir Asghrar Syed Hassan
89 5171101199 Design methods and tools to support the digital manufacturing process of personalised smart textile products 西交利物浦大学 Martijn ten Bhömer
90 5171101201 Innovative strategy for syngas biomethanation in biogas reactors treating organic wastes 复旦大学 Arezoo Dadrasnia
91 5171101204 Modifier interfacial polarization of electret-electrostrictive polymer composites with conductive nanofillers for energy conversion and actuators 东北电力大学 Chatchai Putson
92 5171101207 A novel way to synthesize well-defined, unimolecular, biodegradable and highly tunable dendri-graft Polypept(o)ide Brushes for Anti-Cancer Drug Delivery Systems 中山大学 Andreas Bockler
93 5171101211 Effect of reducing grain size on obtaining the table-like magnetocaloric effect of multiphase alloys 电子科技大学 Ahmed Aboud ElGendy
94 5171101214 Determination of Laminar Flame Speeds of Hydrocarbon Fuels Over a Wide Range of Pressures 清华大学 Remy Mevel
95 5171101219 Fundamental Computational Modeling of Premixed Flame Flashback 清华大学 Damir Valiev
96 5171101220 Numerical Modeling and Dynamic Characteristics of Thermal and Mass Transport in Solder joints during Laser soldering 大连理工大学 Anil kunwar
97 5171101224 1D Hybrid nanostructures of Graphene/Cobalt compounds for solar-driven energy devices 电子科技大学 Fabiola Navarro Pardo
98 5171101225 Production of artificial aggregate from concrete wastes and CO2 sequestration 湖南大学 SENTHIL KUMAR KALIYAVARADHAN
99 5171101226 A wearable medical sensor design with an integrated ultra-low power DSP ASIC for motion recognition and position tracking 宁波诺丁汉大学 Weiping Ni
100 5171101228 Water-induced Disaster Mechanism of subgrade and evaluation method for High-speed Railway 湖南大学 Olurotimi Victor Ojekunle
101 5171101229 A Wavelet-Based Strategy for Time-Domain Identification of Nonlinear Structures with Incomplete Measurement 西北工业大学 SEYED HOSSEIN MAHDAVI
102 5171101231 Hierarchical Microstructures in a Co-based Superalloy 华南理工大学 Vogel Florian
103 5171101232 The effect of ion substitution on the crystal structure and luminescence properties of Ce3+/Eu2+-activated phosphors for pc-white LEDs 中国科学院长春应用化学研究所 Ho Seong Jang
104 5171101244 Co-generation of high concentration hydroxyl radicals from photo-catalyst and adapted-Fenton process for low temperature direct methane conversion to methanol 中国科学院工程热物理研究所 Olumide Bolarinwa Ayodele
105 5171101245 Mechanisms involved in the production of high quality graphene, carbon nanotubes and nanoparticles in molten salts 东北大学 Ali Reza Kamali
106 5171101253 Design of a powdered activated carbon(PAC)-assisted microbial consortium for groundwater bioremediation 汕头大学 Xiao Yeyuan
107 5171101257 Study of precipitation-segregation behavior and kinetics of alloying elements in novel high strength maraging stainless steel and optimization of its mechanical and corrosion properties 中国科学院金属研究所 Muhammad Babar Shahzad
108 6171101110 Learning Knowledge Graph Representation based on Deep Learning 华南师范大学 朱佳
109 6171101111 Bismuth-Based Perovskites for Low-Toxicity Solar Harvesting: Study of Charge Transport, Defects, and Excitonic Effects. 苏州大学 Vincenzo Pecunia
110 6171101112 Transforming Math and Science Study with Touchable 3D Holographic Manipulatives 福建农林大学 张晖
111 6171101118 Integrated Optimization and Control of Human-Friendly Open Source Robotic Systems for Efficient Object Recognition and Assembly 苏州科技大学 高振
112 6171101123 Far-Field Optical Nanoantenna for Super Resolution Imaging in the Visible Light 南京理工大学 Nagendra Parasad Yadav
113 6171101124 Predicting Human Behavior for Efficient Physical Human-Robot Interaction. 广东工业大学 Juan Luis Rojas Suarez delReal
114 6171101129 Wide field phase masking lensless microscopy 浙江大学 Anwar Hussain
116 6171101132 Multi-Stage Feedback Control Design for Multi-Time-Scale Continuous and Discrete-Time Systems 上海交通大学 Ravindra Kacharu Munje
117 6171101133 Active Disturbance Rejection Controller Design for Series Elastic Actuators 东南大学 EMRE SARIYILDIZ
118 6171101134 Distributed cyber-attack detection and resilient control design for large-scale water systems 上海交通大学 Mohammadreza Davoodi
119 6171101137 Sequence Design for Modern Spectrum Efficient Communications 电子科技大学 Zilong LIU
120 6171101142 Secure Publish/subscribe Services for the Notification of Sensible Data over Large-scale Networks 陕西师范大学 Christian Esposito
121 6171101145 Big data analysis with IoT sensors for a smart city 东南大学 Chau Yuen
122 6171101148 A Unified Framework for Predicting Future Activities of Social Media Users 南开大学 Adam Wladyslaw Jatowt
123 6171101151 Toward Accelerated Bioinformatics Tools as Web-services 湖南大学 Ahmed Salah Mohamed Moustafa
124 6171101158 Nanoscale Reversible Magnetic Modulation in CoFeB Thin Films via Electric Driven Li+ Nanoionics for Information Storage Devices 中国科学院宁波材料技术与工程研究所 Pravarthana Dhanapal
125 6171101159 THz communication for Beyond 5G Ultra-fast Networks (THz-BEGUN) 北京科技大学 Shahid Mumtaz
126 6171101163 Underground Wireless Sensor Networks for Smart Infrastructure Monitoring 苏州科技大学 杨书慧
127 6171101168 TAN for secondary electrostatic discharge modelling 南京信息工程大学 Blaise Ravelo
128 6171101169 Developing a TISM based Theoretical Framework for Cloud enabled ERP Adoption and Implementation 南方科技大学 Shivam Gupta
129 6171101176 Surface plasmon polaritons waveguides and sources 东南大学 Javed Akram
130 7171101047 Social Conception of National Images: Exploring The Missing Links In The Theoretical Foundation Of Nation Branding Theory 复旦大学 Salman Yousaf
131 7171101053 Nonparametric efficiency analysis for multi-output producers 西交利物浦大学 Barnabe Frederic P. Walheer
132 7171101059 Government-backed Funds, Entrepreneurship and Firm Performance: Evidence from Chinese Private Firms 清华大学 Hoan Soo Lee
133 7171101066 Applying neuroscience approach to service failure studies in tourism and hospitality business setting 中山大学 Jong-Hyeong Kim
134 7171101070 Managing Foreign Experts to Enhance Innovation Capacity in Science and Engineering in Chinese Research Universities 四川大学 施雷格
135 7171101072 How can China win the global war for talent? 宁波诺丁汉大学 Michal Kamil Lemanski
136 8171101074 Design of new hybrid plasmonic materials for matrix assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry based in-vitro metabolic diagnostics 上海交通大学 Deepanjali Dattatray Gurav
137 8171101083 Investigating the chemopreventive role of a new resveratrol analog in inflammation-associated colorectal cancer animal model and its molecular mechanism 浙江大学 Lalith Kumar Venkareddy
138 8171101084 Genome-wide global identification of NRF2 Bindings in A549 NSCLC cells by ChIP-Sequencing 浙江大学 Syed Minhaj Uddin Ahmed
139 8171101096 Dissecting pathways leading to Type-1 Interferon in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus 上海交通大学 Julia I Ellyard
140 8171101099 Investigation of signaling mechanism of 3D collagen scaffold prepared with titanium oxide nanoparticle and hydroxyapatite for bone homeostasis 上海海洋大学 Jeevithan Elango
141 8171101101 Therapeutic validation of allylated monocarbonyl curcumin analog CA10: glutathione S-transferase P1 as a potential molecular target against colon cancer 温州医科大学 Vinothkumar Rajamanickam
142 8171101107 A novel liposomal approach targeting tumor microvasculature to exploit immunogenic cell death for cancer immunotherapy. 国家纳米科学中心 Ernesto Moles Meler
143 8171101112 The investigation of molecular mechanism in the progression of H. pylori post-treated persistence chronic gastritis; strategy to prevent gastric cancer 中美(河南)荷美尔肿瘤研究院 Faisal Aziz
144 8171101114 The role of Coxsakie B4 virus infection in the development of type I dibetes 广州医科大学 Marion Tarbe
145 8171101115 Functional characterization and clinical significance of novel overexpressed long noncoding RNAs in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma. 中美(河南)荷美尔肿瘤研究院 Jose Miguel Sierra Miranda
146 8171101118 The role of mitochondrial intergrity in the pathophysiology of kidney yang deficiency 成都中医药大学 陈慧
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